Top 5 Best WordPress Security Plugins To Secure Your Blog

Blogging is a tough job to do. You need to put a lot of efforts and time in order to build a successful blog. But all your dreams can get demolished in a minute if a hacker finds a backdoor to hack your site.

That’s why using proper security measures for your blog is necessary. But the problem is, that despite being used by millions of bloggers, WordPress it self does not have enough security features.

But thank god, they have given full control to users by allowing various types of plugins. There are lots of different additional security plugins available for WordPress users which you can use.

So today we have brought you a list of top 5 WordPress security plugins

Top 5 WordPress Security Plugins To Secure Your Blog
Top 5 WordPress Security Plugins To Secure Your Blog

Top 5 WordPress Security Plugins

5. 6Scan Security

6scan security

6Scan Security is a great automated security plugin for WordPress. As the name suggests it’s a security scanner which scans all your files and protects your site from threats like SQL injection, Cross Site Scripting, CSRF, Directory traversal, the Remote file including, DOS attack and more.

But that’s not all, a feature we liked very much is that it not only scans any possible vulnerability but also automatically fixes it with its auto-fix server-side agent solution.

4. All In One WP Security & Firewall

All in One WP Security And Firewall
All in One WP Security And Firewall

The list of security features that come with this plugin is as long as it’s name. It blocks the possibilities of Brutal Force attack and locks the admin panel if somebody tries to do so.

Another great feature us that it keeps a record of username, IP and login date time of all website users so it’s great for bigger blogs with forum alike facilities. Its online firewall provides real-time security against XSS, CSRF, SQL injection and other possible threats.

3. Acunetix WP Security scan


Acunetix is a well-known security company. So it’s security tool is also one of the most trusted in this list. As the name suggests, it scans all of your hosting files and informs you about any possible vulnerability.

A notable feature is that it removes all the unnecessary details from the front end of your website which can be used for hacking such as theme update information, plugin update information, really simple discover meta tag, WordPress version, Windows live write meta tag, versions of different scripts etc.

2. Sucuri Security

Sucuri security

This WordPress security plugin from the famous web security and auditing company Sucuri is like an all in one security machine. It protects your website from DOS attack, Zero Day Disclosure Patches, brute force attacks and all other scanner attacks.

And not only that, it comes with lots of additional security features such as security activity auditing, file integrity monitoring, malware scanning, blacklist monitoring, and website firewall. Together, all these features are enough to save you from any well-known security risk.

1. WordFence


The developers of this plugin have done as much hard work in building this plugin as they have done while thinking the name for it. And both things are very much near of being perfect.

The plugin not only regularly checks all website files for any malware but also makes your website faster. The plugin uses Falcom caching engine and claim to make your website 50 times faster.

The plugin blocks bruteforce attack and can add two-factor authentication via SMS. You can also block traffic from a specific country. There are lots of additional features for keeping an eye on your website in real time. If you like the free version you can buy the premium one.

Wrap up

So these were the best WordPress plugins we found. Which features do you expect from a good security plugin? do tell us in the comments box

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