Top 5 Video Watermark Softwares for Windows

Adding a watermark in my photo/video is one of the most exciting parts of creating a video for me.

Whenever I use a watermark it gives me a feel of personal attachment with the video. Once you have added the watermark, you know that anybody who will see the video will also know who created it.

A watermark also gives you the much-required protection against republication of your video. Nobody else can claim that it’s their video thus you get full credit for your hard work. 

What is a watermark? 

For the fellas who don’t know, a watermark is a piece of text or image we can add into the screen along with the video. So whenever you run the video, you will also see that text or photo giving knowledge about the creator. 

A watermark should be visible enough for people to see it but also transparent enough to make sure that it doesn’t hide any part of the screen. Also, it should be in the right place so it cannot be cut off by any video editor, but it should also not distract the viewer from the action going on the screen. 

And if you have to take care of all these things correctly, then you’ll need a good video watermark software. So we have brought you a list of top 5 video watermark adder software-

Top 5 Video Watermark Softwares for Windows

5. Windows Live Movie Maker

Windows Live Movie Maker is a watermark application which is specially made for windows. You can add a text or image as your watermark. 

If you choose to add text then there are lots of formatting options for you such as different fonts, sizes etc. You can also set a specific duration for the text to appear. 

4. Format Factory

Format factory is a multi-purpose app which aims to provide all video editing options in one software. It has a basic watermark adder which is easy to use. 

Along with the watermark adder, you can convert all types of videos and change them into your preferred format. If you want to distribute your video on different devices then this is the best app for you.

3. Jahshaka

Jahshaka is an open source software. That means that it’s source code is available for anyone who would like to improve the app.

That’s why the app is available for almost all major operating systems such as mac, windows, and Ubuntu. The app is focused on watermarking so you’ll find lots of editing options too.

2. VirtualDub

VirtualDub is another great app for adding watermarks. It’s a multi-feature app. So you’ll find many video formatting options along with the option to add a watermark in windows. 

1. Video Watermark Factory

The best video watermark adder for windows we could found is Video Watermark Factory. It’s a great app and comes in a tiny package of 5 MB.

You can add watermark, trim your video, add different filters and convert your video in any chosen format. The app is available for all versions of Windows so you won’t have to worry if you are using any older version.

Wrap up

So this was our post on the best watermark software for windows. Did you enjoy this article? What next would you like us to write about? Tell us all in the comments box

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