Top 5 Best URL Shortening Company To Earn Money Online 2017

Hello Friends Today I am sharing a first article on making money online with the easiest method to earn good money just by sharing shortened links.We have sorted the lists of all highest paying url shorteners.They are well arranged according to the best paying website which makes it easier for you to to choose.

Top 5 Best URL Shortening Company To Earn Money Online 2016

Where To share these Links:

Below are the some Place where you can share your Links

  1. Share These links to social media like Twitter,Facebook,Etc
  2. Make any amazing video That goes viral And share the shortened link below that video on Youtube.
  3. Join Flickr.Share any image with your Link to Flickr. Flickr is an amazing place to share photos.It has Millions of users
  4. .Share these links to any Forums,Websites,blogs,etc.

    Depending on your Effort you can earn huge amount of money by just sharing links. In this method ,you just  need to convert your any link from short link .share it anywhere to earn money online. When anybody clicks on your URL(link), These Short URL wait for 5 seconds and then the user will have to click on skip Ad and then it will redirect to original destination link.  By this way, the company pay’s you money.More clicks=More money 

The paying rate of  different companies are different,so we have sorted below the best highest paying URL shortening company.

1.) is highest paying trusted URL shortening company.It pays you $2 per 1000 views for promoting Shorten URL. It’s minimum cash out is 5$. have also affiliate programs.It  gives you 20% commissions on your referrals. Pays you securely through Paypal and Payoneer.

  1. Good payout rates 
  2. Best shortening company for URL shorten
  3. have also affiliate programs
  4. Great ads format 
  5. Method of payment: Paypal or Payoneer
  6. Minimum Payout: 5$ through Paypal or 20$ through Payoneer
  7. Referral Earnings: 20% commission on referrals (lifetime)

2.) is trusted company From where you can get your payment method through Paypal.
Adfly is One of the oldest and best  company which  pays you on time. Like,Adfly minimum payout is $5 which is best than other companies. Get approximately  $5 per 1000 views by just promoting your shorten URL. Most of them use Adfly because it is one of the trusted company.

  1. Payment method :PayPal Payza or AlertPay.
  2.  Referral Earnings Rate: 20% Earnings For Lifetime.
  3.  minimum payout :5$
  4. 5$ per 1000 views

3) is another fast growing network with best features and service. offers upto $5 for per 1000 views.

  1. Minimum Payout is $5 via PayPal 
  2. Many payment methods are also available

4.) Linkshrink.Net
 Now,Make Money by Shrinking Urls & Sharing Link.Linkshrink.Net is amazing and best URL shortening website that allow you to earn money anywhere when anyone clicks on your shorten links. Linkshrink pays 2$ to 5$ for per 1000 views.It also offers referral program you can get 10% commission from refering.

  1. Referral Earnings Rate: 10% Earning  (Lifetime).
  2. Payout Option: Paypal or Payza

 Linkbucks is another best URL shortener website. It is similar to has very high Alexa ranking that means it has lots of users and views. From your Shorten URL you will get 1$$ to 3$.It’s minimum payout is 10$. Many competitors only pay you for unique traffic while  Linkbucks pay you for all traffic.

Conclusion:So these are the Top 5 Url shortners To shrink Urls From where you can earn money By just sharing Shortened Urls. These companies also give referral system, it means that if anyone joins from your referral link then you will get about 20% commission of his earning.
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