Top 10 Secrets To Improve And Boost your Alexa Rank within 10 days

Today Blogging has  turned into a full time business that you can choose as a carrier to earn money.Coming to the point that,After creating a blog and Getting good traffic daily Many Bloggers Have A headache due to Ups and downs in their blogs Alexa rank.

Everyone Has a question that How does Alexa Algorithm works And How We can Improve It?
I have seen many people who beleive that Alexa ranking depends on Number of Articles/comments on your blog or Having Number of backlinks to blog.But this is totally false.Alexa Ranking is not based on number of comments or number of articles/backlinks you have on your blog. 

The main aim of the blogger is to increase traffic to its blog.To measure this traffic you must Add a alexa rank widget to your website.Alexa Rank provides traffic information of  website and It is based upon the fact that how much traffic does a website receives from the users with Alexa toolbar installed on their browsers else one has to add an Alexa widget to website.

Also There is no direct relation between alexa and SERP.The relation is through traffic. If your website is highly visible on SERP’s results, there’ll be more raise in traffic and it also leads to much greater Alexa ranking

   In other website,Alexa rank is a rate of measure of popularity of a website.Alexa rank is inversely proportional to the success of a a website with low Alexa rank is considered to be a better site.

SEO is all about ranking a site in search engines. So To Get More traffic to your website you must have some knowledge of SEO.

Basically they are two types:
1.)On Page SEO  
2.)OFF page SEO.

Top 10 Secrets To Increase your Alexa Rank within 10 days
Top 10 Secrets To Increase your Alexa Rank within 10 days

Benefits Of Having A good (low) Alexa Rank

*Low and Improved Alexa rank will attract Advertiser.

*The advertisers who comes to advertise on your site will look into your alexa rank. The more alexa rank you’ve the more money you get.

*If you apply for buysell ads or any big advertising company they want a website with good and improved alexa rank.

These are  Major factors considered by Alexa in ranking of website :

1. First and Important :No. of visitors on the site
2. Time spent by visitors on that site
3. Site loading time
4. Global Ranking

How Alexa rank is Calculated?

   Alexa rank is very important factor considered to attract  advertisers directly on your blog because most of the advertisers demands low Alexa rank website. Every time When you Visit Any website, traffic is Measured by the Alexa toolbar. In other words,Every time when a user visits any website with Alexa Toolbar installed on his browser, the data is recorded by alexa and sent to the Alexa server & the visited website will be benefited by that data by A slight decrease in Alexa Rank. So a website with significantly lower Alexa Rank receives higher traffic.

These are The Ways to Improve Your Alexa rank And Increase Traffic:

Here are the Top 10 Secrets To Increase your Alexa Rank within 10 days.

1.)Claim your blog or website at Alexa and install Alexa widget on your website

Installing Alexa tool widget is the best way to improve your Alexa rank.It will help Alexa to give direct measurements of traffic to your site.So you can easily keep your Eye’s on your Website’s Alexa rank.

2.) Install Alexa Toolbar/Extension

Alexa rank counts the traffic who have the alexa toolbar installed. So it’s better to install Alexa Toolbar in your browser. Encourage your visitors to use Alexa toolbar in their browser.Download Alexa Toolbar here
So You can easily decrease your website Alexa rank if you have quality traffic from webmasters having Alexa toolbar installed.

For example : If you are getting 100 visitors having Alexa Toolbar daily then your alexa rank  will be below 100,000 in the next one month.

similarly, If you are getting 200 visitors having Alexa Toolbar daily then your alexa rank  will be below 50,000 in the next one month. If your blog has  1000-2000 visitors who had installed alexa toolbar then you can easily achieve Alexa rank below 5000 in the next one month.

3.) Commenting on Other Blogs:

Commenting on blogs with Higher Page rank Will help you Grow more traffic to your website.Backlinks are also considered a important factor in increasing Alexa rank.Build High quality backlinks.Don’t use blackhat techniques to build backlinks.Build backlinks by Commenting on Other popular blogs and Involving in disccusion with others which is commonly referred as whitehat technique.
For organic Traffic, do proper on-page SEO and generate high quality natural links, but always remember that it will take some time, so be patient. Also there are many freelancers on different sites like SEOClerks and Fever whi can help you to get  better rank of your  site at very cheap price.

4.)Get Traffic From Bloggers

As most of the bloggers use Alexa toolbar on their browsers. So if you get more traffic from webmasters then you can improve your Alexa rank in a easy way.For this interact with webmasters through Forums and post articles related to blogging, internet marketing, technology as other bloggers will be interested  to read them.

5.) Write Contents with great quality

Content is very important in getting traffic to website through search engines.You must Always try to write great quality content in your blog because “CONTENT IS KING”. If you post articles with great quality then people will attract towards your articles and  also share them so it will increase your blog traffic.

6.) Share your post on Social Media 

In  order to increase your rank on Alexa, You must  participate in major socialmedia sites like Facebook, Google plus, Reddit,Stumbleupon,etc from which you can generate traffic on your website which  will help you in obtaining Good ranking. Also Create a Facebook Fan page for your blog and  promote your articles on facebook.You must promote your articles on Facebook groups related to your  blogging niche by joining Groups On Facebook with more active members.

5 Effective Ways To Get Huge Traffic With Stumbleupon

7.)Submit your Sites in Directories

Blog directories can drive you Much Traffic,so submit you blog to such directories.
Submit Your blogs at website directory like blogadda,etc

8.)  Regularly update Your Blog.

Daily update your blog and increase your post frequency in order to get good traffic. Convert your blog visitors to your daily readers by giving them high quality articles.

9.) Use Responsive Template

Always use well SEO optimized and responsive template for your blog. Ensure that your Blog template is Mobile friendly.It will drive more traffic and will improve your Alexa rank.
Download Useful and Responsive Blog templates From

10.)Image optimization

Add Alt text and caption tags to Images to your blog posts because Search engine  will recognise these Alt tags from your articles which will help you to improve your rankings. use image optimization for better results.


If you use blackhat techniques For improving Alexa then Then You might have Faced Difficulties in lowering your Alexa rank.On the other Hand if you use White hat techniques to get lower Alexa rank then your Alexa rank decreases gradually without any fake traffic. After Google Panda and Penguin Updates,Google aims to decrease Search Engine Rankings of Website’s that violates the Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.So  If you used any Illegal way to improve your ranking then I am sure that Google will not leave you.


So by using this method you can achieve Very low Alexa rank in very short period.By this way you can easily cheat Alexa algorithm.So You should never Judge a website by it’s Alexa Rank Because There Are Lots Of People Who Don’t know what is Alexa rank and Alexa toolbar and they still visit the site.So concentrate on SEO and Implement white hat techniques And Don’t depend On Alexa rank.

So these were the 10 Tricks To improve Alexa rank quickly. Smart bloggers increases their Alexa Rank very quickly. The secret behind this is to “Get Traffic from bloggers and webmasters“. If you  follow above all Tips that i have mentioned above, then I am sure that  your Alexa Rank will surely improved within some days.

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