Top 10 Best android apps for rooted devices

If you are reading this, then you probably belong to a very small but intelligent community of people. People who dare to think more and achieve more than what others want, after all not everyone is ready to take the risk which involves in rooting your android phone.

Getting the Superuser Access, Unlocking Your Android phone, Opening the root folder access they are all the same thing with different names but what really matters is what you can do after rooting your phone.You can change the look of your phone, feel of your phone and if you don’t like it then you can also change the way your phone works,  in short you can do anything you like to do if you know coding.But don’t worry if you don’t know programming, there are a fair share of things you can enjoy with your rooted android phone with all the special apps available in the play store for rooted android phones.
Top 10 Best android apps for rooted devices
Top 10 Best android apps for rooted devices

So today we have brought you a list of top ten apps which you should install after rooting your android –

10 – Xposed Installer

You thought rooting your android phone is everything you need? Well, think again. Xposed Installer helps you to install the internal binary into your rooted phone.
installing this helps you to control the look of your phone. You can change the notification bar, apply themes, edit custom ROMs and a lot more. However, the app itself does not do all these things it basically helps other rooted apps in running just like the adobe flash player helps other apps to play media files.

9. Xui Mod Top

What’s the first thing you want to change in your phone after rooting it? Yes, the animations. Every android phone comes with a fair share of different animations for different things but after a while they just become regular and you need something new to play with. In that time, this app comes into play.
Here is just an example of what you can do with this app-
1. Make clock center
2. Make status bar gradient
3. Change animation
4. Can make your navigation bar and status bar transparent of your rooted android mobiles.

8. DPI Changer

This is something for your gamers! DPI Changer is an app to enhance your screen experience. It somehow increases the Per pixel density or Display Pixel Density of your phone. Now it doesn’t mean that it really gets changed but the experience is the same.
So as I said It’s excellent for gamers as they can play high graphic games with low configuration phones. Also, you can enjoy watching HD videos even if your phone screen is not so HD friendly.

7. Set Cpu

One of the most basic things anyone wants to do with a rooted Android phone is to either Overclock the CPU or Underclock the CPU. Overclocking means your phone functions will run faster and Underclocking means they will be little slower than the normal speed.
Now doing all this manually is a big mess but this app does the same for you in a slick fashion. If you Overclock it you can run games and apps on your phone which usually lag. Or you can increase your battery life by making your phone a little slow.

6. Battery calibration

Almost all of the Smartphones face a big problem after you have used them for 6 months or so. They start showing the wrong battery status which is quite frustrating because you never when your phone will get turned off.
All this happens because your phone creates a battery stats.bin file. The file stores the previous charging and discharging time of your battery and shows the current battery status according to that. But after a time, the data becomes old as the battery starts to drain faster. So this app helps you keep your battery status fresh by deleting the old records.

5. Greenify

We all have seen those me memes on the Internet about the short battery life of any smartphone. Doesn’t matter how many MaH your phone manufacturer provides, it’s still not enough and a big reason for this are the apps running in the background.
Most of them are of no use or only used once in a while but they are still eating your battery up all the time by running in the background. So Greenify which is no doubt one of the best rooted android app helps you to close all these apps and increase your standby time.

4. Chainfire 3D

Over clocking your android phone is a great way to play high graphic games in your android.  But overdoing it is not recommended. The phone manufacturer knows the limit of the phone’s Ram and Processor and sets the GPU according to it. So making your phone too fast can damage many important parts by overheating.
However good news for the gamers there is a better way of safely playing all those games. Chainfire 3D is an app for a rooted android phone which helps you to reduce the graphics of any game so you can enjoy all the heavy games without lag.

3. Freedom

Now we are talking some real thing. Most of the people want to root their Android phones so they can edit their game data. Whether it’s increasing the number of coins or keys you have or unlocking all those heavy firing guns.
This is undoubtedly the most searched function for rooted android app, but if you are not a programmer then it makes the process of editing the game data a little more difficult.
But don’t worry Freedom is one of the best rooted android app which allows you to do all this and much more and it’s simple UI means you don’t need to have the mind of Einstein to understand it.

2. Orbot and Orweb

These are the two apps I always have in my phone. Internet Access is a necessity in today’s world doesn’t matter where you are. But with all those servilenc programs it’s very hard to access the World Wide Web with complete freedom.
Solution? The best app which helps you to browse The Internet anonymously. Orbot is a proxy app which connects you to the famous Onion Router proxy and Orweb is the official Tor Brewer. Together they help you save your identity from all the hackers looking for your data around the Web. And yeah you also get to access Deep Web after connecting these two. Bonus isn’t it?

1. ROM Manager

And finally, the best thing you can do with your Rooted android phone is to change your Rom. For those unfamiliar with the word it means you can literally change your android operating system with any other. Cool isn’t it? How about you show your friends how you are running the latest android version when your friends are still waiting to buy that new phone to get it? Or how about running windows 10 mobile on a Samsung phone? Why not both?
All these can be archived when you are ready to edit your rom. And Rom manager is the best app in my knowledge to edit all the data of your custom rom. Enjoy.


I believe one man can’t know everything and there are many things that are yet to be discovered to do with your rooted android phone. So if I missed out anything do not hesitate in telling it in the comment section 

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