Best Platform Games to be played on Android Smartphones

No matter how much progress we make with our technology and graphics,and no matter how realistic our upcoming 3d action adventure games might be.There is an old game type which still stands proudly among all these new game types- Platform games.This old and probably the first game type of gaming history still gives us some of the best games to play each year. Maybe they don’t have the realistic feel like some other but they are undoubtedly the most entertaining game types of them all. And don’t forget the most iconic game in all of the gaming history – Mario was a platform game.

But this doesn’t mean that these old jumping and firing games haven’t adopted the new technology. No! they have successfully made there way in the Morden era of gaming. Doesn’t matter what is your favorite gaming device, whether it’s the handy gaming console/smartphone or a full room-set-up play station, there are plenty of fun platform games to choose from you just need to look at the right place. So today we are going to tell you the best Android platform games we were able to find in the play store.

Top Ten Platform games for Android phones

10. Cordy 2

Cordy 2
cordy 2

For the lovers of old school platform games, this is the best thing to start with. You control a robot and complete levels. You have to solve puzzles and beat obstacles in the way. And this all comes with powerful bosses in the way.

The gameplay is made of 63 levels which are a impressive number for any game. The only downside of this game is that you get to play only first 6 levels for free then you’ll have to pay if you want to continue playing. 


The old contra style setup with the new graphics make this game worth giving a try. You have to complete levels in different galaxies in order to gain both experience and money. The experience helps you to unlock the next boss and the money gives you the sweet chance of upgrading your weapons. There are two types of shops in the game one is the premium market where you can buy new weapons and suits for real money, or you can always buy not so premium stuff in the black market with the money earned in the game. There is always a new level to play and you can actually make a level just by entering the name of a level this helps in keeping things fresh and you can enjoy this game for months.

8. Leo’s Fortune

Leo’s Fortune

This is a unique game if you’ll see the storyline. You play as Leo, an adorable fuzzball who is looking for his stolen fortune. The gameplay is also inspired by other platform games but is still unique.
This is a very colorful game with pseudo steampunk theme. You have to cross some unique obstacles throughout the game and each one will leave you to guess about the next. Lots of people have found this game interesting in play store and chances are that you will too.

7. Mikey Shorts

 Mikey Shorts
 Mikey Shorts

Mickey Shorts is a simple platform game which makes it effective. It’s best for the younger audience or for the people who get annoyed with hidden secrets in the game.

Some people have said that it’s too easy but I believe it’s interesting enough for appropriate players. All the buttons and controls are customizable meaning you can adjust them according to your needs.

6. Gunbrick


Enough with the slow stuff. This game is for the ones who like to complete any game in a single sitting. It doesn’t mean that it will not challenge the player,  rather than it will leave you asking for more.

The fast paced gameplay keeps your interest renewed and helps you feel exited for the next level after completing every level. There are debates whether this can be considered a platform game or not because the game exudes arcade and retro elements, still it’s fun enough give a try for any gamer.

5. Traps n’ Gemstones

Traps n' Gemstones
Traps n’ Gemstones

This is a classic old school retro 2d game. The graphics are not very amusing but the game itself is. It’s more of a Platformer cousin brother of Metroid and Castlevania then Mario and Sonic.

You have to choose your own way through the game’s vast pyramid. It’s made of different interconnecting rooms each with a mind blowing puzzle to solve. This doesn’t mean you don’t get to kill people, you do. You have baddies to vanquish, runes to collect and many classic platform acrobatic tricks to perform.

4. Shadow Blade

Shadow Blade
4. Shadow Blade

Unlike Traps n’ Gemstones, Shadow blade is a more action-driven game.  It has a fast gameplay with interesting combos to perform. You are a nimble ninja, who silently makes his way to the exact behind position of an enemy and then perform the killing move in one click.
It’s somewhat a good android game adoption of early computer platform games like splinter cell. The control system is, however, swipe based which is very different from holding a remote control in your hand and playing.

3. Paper Monsters

 Paper Monsters
 Paper Monsters

The 2d style action packed gameplay will instantly remind you of Mario. But then you’ll see the amazing 3d package it comes in and you’ll be surprised.

This game includes everything you expect from a good platform game. And the gameplay is fun enough to keep you engaged for days. The only downside I see is that it will cost you a dollar to buy this game but judging by the fun you’ll have to play this I say you won’t regret it.

2. Badland


The deadly combination of eye-catching artwork, accessible gameplay, and clever design will leave you speechless. You have to drive you hedgehog-look-alike creature through very interesting levels designed as forests.
This is really a Morden relative of classic platform games. The gameplay is unique, the artwork is unique and matches the graphics of other latest games yet it somehow feels connected to the 16-bit console games.

1. Swordigo


If there is modern era smartphone succeeder or Mario then that is this game. I have completed this game 6 times and still don’t feel bored with it. It has a simple yet effective storyline. A young soldier drove by the death of his master by the dark sides. He has to find the four pieces of Maze blade a classic powerful sword which will help him defeat the ultimate darkness.
It has more than what you can expect from a game. It has mysterious yet connected levels, upgrades, difficult bosses, easter eggs, secrets to find along the way In each level and what not. This is arguably one of the best android games ever made. Don’t believe me? Go have a look at all those people asking for the 2nd part of this game in the reviews.

Final Words

So, friends, this is it. We have tried our best while making this list. If you still think we have missed any game which deserves to be in then do tell us in the comments.

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  1. Very nice list, especially Badlands and Swordigo which reminds me a little bit of Zelda. Also one of the few platformer on android where i absolutely have no problem with the controls.

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