[Tips] Killer Tricks To Increase Karma On Reddit

Redditors Karma or referred simply as Karma between the regular Reddit users is
one of the most fun ways to get an idea of the reputation in the virtual world.

However the easier judging anyone by their Karma is, the harder it is to
increase your karma on Reddit. So today we have brought you a list of ways to
increase Reddit Karma:

[Tips] Killer Tricks To Increase Karma On Reddit
[Tips] Killer Tricks To Increase Karma On Reddit

What is Karma on Reddit?

If you are not a regular Reddit user then chances are that you have never heard
about the Karma feature of Reddit and it’s not entirely your fault since it’s
little-known outside of the Reddit world.

You can understand the concept of Karma as online reputation points. Reddit is
a community where you can share links to different stories and comment on
others stories.

Both ways, the upvotes received by you on either your stories or your comments
increase your Karma points and the downvotes result in a deduction of your
Karma points.

How to increase your Karma on Reddit? 

Now as you have enough knowledge about the process of Karma, now is the time to know how you can increase your Karma on Reddit. So below are some of the most
prominent ways used by Reddit users to increase Reddit karma

However there is still a catch, there are two types of Karmas on Reddit known
as Link and Comment Karmas respectively so we’ll gonna take a look at how to
increase Reddit karma of both types one by one:

How to increase Reddit Link Karma

You link Karma is increased as much upvotes you get on your shared stories. So
the best and probably the most respected way of increasing link Karma is to
post original content on Reddit regularly and hope to get more upvotes thus
more Karma points

However like any other field, posting just good content will not help you to
get a massive amount of Karma points until it really appeals to the mass
audience. For example, you may find photos of ancient temples in your local
area but it will hardly be appealing to the bigger audience until you live
somewhere near to the statue of liberty.

Here we should also note that Reddit only likes original content and posting a
duplicate photo/content can result in a ban of your account. So if you are
thinking about posting pics of famous monuments by downloading from Internet
drop the idea instantly.

Here is a great tool which lets you to check if any photo has previously been posted on Reddit or not.

Pro tip – if you are having a hard time coming up with original ideas to post,
then you can also pick up any of the recent popular stories, just make sure it
hasn’t been posted on Reddit yet or even if they have been posted, you can find
a different URL of the same story just make sure it’s not copied.

How to increase Comments Karma on Reddit?

While increasing the link karma is limited to posting good stuff, Increasing
comment Karma is a whole different story. In fact, I have seen people who lost
all their comment Karma points by doing one harsh comment.

So make sure you don’t make any harsh comments on any post without the proper
knowledge to avoid losing comment karma points. The best way to increase
comment Karma points is by finding and praising positive posts which have a
high number of upvotes.

A quick way to increase comment Karma is posting sarcastic comments on annoying
posts which get lots of upvotes in a short time if used correctly. Although as
I mentioned above, make sure you don’t comment anything bad on a post which is
supported by a majority of users.

Over to you

So these were the techniques I used to increase Reddit Karma points, do you
know any more techniques to increase Reddit Karma? Do let us know in the
comments section.

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