SchemaNinja Plugin : World’s BEST Rating Plugin To SkyRocket Your Traffic and Conversions

Are you Spending lots of Dollars to improve sales for your blog?Get SCHEMANINJA for your WordPress blog Now to double your conversions for just a small investment.

SchemaNinja Plugin is launched by Problogger Jitendra Vaswani.

SchemaNinja Plugin : A must Have Plugin For any WordPress Blog
SchemaNinja Plugin : A must Have Plugin For any WordPress Blog

About Jitendra :

jitendra vaswani
Jitendra vaswani

He is a pro-blogger, motivational speaker, Entrepreneur, and a digital marketer. His blog Bloggersideas include topics like Blogging,SEO, Interviews,Reviews,Hosting, Social Media,WordPress,Hosting Coupons,Videos,etc He’s always dreamed big, strived for greatness and deeply cared about people.He is blogging since 2013. Recently he started a new venture DigiExe where he Offers various Services like

  1. SEO Services
  2. Social Media Services
  3. App Marketing & Downloading
  4. Content Writing Services
  5. Email Marketing Services
  6. Logo Design Service
  7. Web Development
  8. Web Design Services
  9. Video Marketing

Recently on 10th June,Jitendra launched his first product Schemaninja to help bloggers to rank First on google.

What is SchemaNinja?

Many times while searching on Google you must have seen detailed and eye-catching links in your search results with prices, star ratings, and more.These Attention grabbing and eye-catching links are called as Rich snippets.

SchemaNinja allows anyone to build their brand and rank sites top on search Engines in just a few days.SchemaNinja Plugin comes with tons of Features.

  1. Star ratings
  2. Add 5-star ratings anywhere on your website.
  3. You can Display multiple ratings on any page.
  4. Review box for schema ratings.
  5. Post recommendations option & sidebar recommendations.
  6. SEO Optimized.
  7. By using SchemaNinja,create an unlimited number of reviews on your website and improve your visibility on google.
  8. Easily Rank Your Blog Post On top of search engines.
  9. Make Your Star Rating Visible On Search Engines To Get More Attention by Search Engines by improving visibility.
  10. No technical skills Required.
  11. Mobile friendly
  12. the color-based feedback system
  13. feature display list, pros – cons listing space, 
  14. Helps To Improve affiliate business. 
  15. Improves CTR and conversions.
  16. Add Recommendations To Give Your Customers A Variety Of Choice.
  17. It also offers Affiliate Program.

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Why to Choose SchemaNinja?

There are lots of plugins available in the market for Schema ratings but all plugins don’t have these Special features that SchemaNinja have.

Schemaninja is the perfect recommendation and review plugin which has Awesome post recommendations option & sidebar recommendations options.This kind of plugin is not available to buy in the market.

Not only it makes your reviews more beautiful but also increase your sales with increased CTR and SEO benefits.

It’s a Perfect tool for Websites with ANY NICHE and it’s a must have tool for bloggers,Internet marketers,Affiliate & CPA Marketers,freelancers and much more.

Who else is using SCHEMA RATINGS?

Top brands like Amazon,eBay and many more multibillion dollar brands are using the power of these rich snippets to dominate on google.
This distinctive plugin has been used by ProBlogger Jitendra Vaswani on for the last year and he has seen his Income gain rise as never before.

Final Words.

Choosing Best snippet plugin is not an easy task.But SchemaNinja has all features that No plugin can do.It gives search engines only the important  information to display in search result snippets which will double you Sales.

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