Infolinks review 2016 : Highest paying Adsense alternative?

Seen as the perfect Adsense Alternative, Infolinks is one of the most popular as network among bloggers to monetize their blog. Being around for years, it’s one of the most trusted ad networks in the industry. 

But wait, trust and earning capabilities are two completely different things, if you only earn a handful of money then there is no point in using their service no matter how trusted they are.

That’s why today, we’ll gonna take a look at how much you can earn with Infolinks. We have broken this infolinks review in 5 points which are essential for you to start earning.

Infolinks review 2016 : Highest paying Adsense alternative?
Infolinks review 2016 : Highest paying Adsense alternative? 

Infolinks review 2016 : Highest paying Adsense alternative? 


5. Approval process

Before even thinking about using infolinks, you need to get your website approved. Even though they have been in the business for long, much hasn’t changed in their approval process. You have to fill a simple form and then wait around 12-48 hours for your website to get approved. 

There are no audience or country restrictions for infolinks approval, so it’s a plus point for small publishers. Having important pages (I.e. privacy policy, disclaimer) and a clean layout help in getting your site approved. Most of the websites are easily approved by them and till now I haven’t met anyone whose application has been rejected. 

4. Ad placement

Once you receive the approval email, you are set to place their ads on your website. One thing which I really liked is that you don’t have to spend multiple hours choosing the right place to put your ad or waste your time to fit in the HTML code between the right lines of code. 

Instead, you take only one Javascript, paste it anywhere on your website. From there it takes 10-15 minutes to start showing ads and you can manage the different ad types from your dashboard. The dashboard is a little heavy and lags a bit on low configuration devices, but it’s certainly better than the heavy-as-your-grandmother dashboard of Adsense.

3. User Satisfaction

Even if they pay higher, spammy and annoying ads are not accepted as they affect your site’s reputation. Also, annoying ads will stop users from revisiting your website, affecting your site’s income in the long run.

Infolinks offer 5 types of ads, in-fold and In-frame are two ad types which I liked. They fill in the waste space of your website increasing the earning capability. However the other popular ad type, In-tag looks pure spam to me. It affects the interlinking of your website as even naturally planted links look like advertisements. Although it can still be used on short term blogs.

2. Earnings

After researching a bit, we know that Infolinks is a legitimate network and you can earn money by using it. But how much can you earn with Infolinks?

According to various reports, you can occasionally get up to $8 eCPM. However, most of the times the RPM (Revenue Per Mile) stays around 1.50$ which is still good if you get your payments in time without too much burden. 

1. Ease of payment

In the last few years, infolinks has added many different payment methods in their inventory, so you can choose your preferred payment method according to your country. However they pay on Net 45 basis and the payment threshold is $50 which is still quite high. 

So If you want to use Infolinks on full-time basis then you don’t have to worry. However if you want to use it on a trial basis then you’ll need about 3 months in total to get your first payment from them, which is honestly a very very long time. 

So I believe they need to make their payment process a little faster. Maybe they can keep the net 45 rule but they should allow users to request a payment as soon as they reach the threshold. 


Overall, Infolinks is a good Ad network, you can use them for both Short term and long term blog and earn a satisfying amount of money, but if you just wish to use them once then it’s a really painfully long process.

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  1. Thanks for the tips. I have used them previously on one of my blogs and they work great as a good alternative to Google Adsense. I can highly recommend them for any website.

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