Review of Sony PlayStation:Gaming experience and Problems Faced

Real Review of Sony PlayStation: Games Enjoyed and Problems Faced
I am a big gaming lover. I am using Sony PS since the launch of its first iteration. Over the years, I have tried various other products like Xbox, some local made gaming devices (which claims to be more efficient that PlayStation and Xbox) but believe me PS is the device/console that I have spent my most of the time with. As I am using it for quite a long time now and am comfortable with most of its functions/controls so that might be the reason why I am using it the most when it comes to gaming consoles. Here I will share true review of gaming on PlayStation.

At first I will share the problems that I have faced so far with all my PlayStations.

Problems with PlayStation

Review of Sony PlayStation:Gaming experience and Problems Faced
Review of Sony PlayStation:Gaming experience and Problems Faced

1. Cinavia Message Codes

I have faced this problem while playing some audio/video clue on my console. Cinavia Message Codes are great means of stopping the piracy but sometime . One of my home made disks was identified copyrighted by Cinavia protection. I love Cinavia and its features but sometime it behaves weird. Thankfully there are ways to fix Cinavia errors.


YLOD stands for Yellow Light of Death and starts with light beeps of yellow and red colors. This has happened three times with my PS3 and PS4 (two times with PS3 and 1 time with PS4). Root level of YLOD is temperature so please try to use your console (or at least keep your console) well within the defined limits. You can yourself repair YLOD infected PS or can get it repaired from Sony Outlets Centers as well.

3. Temperature

As I just mentioned above, temperature is one of the root cause of most of the PS evils. You should try your level best to keep gaming console under given limits. Temperature around 25 Degrees Celsius is generally considered good. Please keep an active eye on air vends as if they blocks they can easily contribute in increasing the inner temperature of PlayStation.
These are some of the problems that I have faced so far with all PlayStations.

Gaming Experience with Sony PlayStation

Now let’s share the positive side of gaming experience with Sony PS. I have used variety of gaming devices till now. I love exploring each of them. Main reason why I put Sony ahead of all the competitors is the easy design and controls. Xbox is not much behind Sony on this part (in fact, controls are super easy on Xbox too) but still PS has slighter positive edge on this aspect.
Variety of games is the other reason why I can’t think of other gaming consoles. NFS, FIFA, GTA are few of my favorite games that I am playing since the 1st iteration of PlayStation. I somewhere do not find it cool to leave my memories behind and try them on any different console.
These are few of the reason why I love Sony PlayStation and what all problems I have faced till now.

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