9 Weird Social Media Sites That Exist

When talking about social networking sites the household name that has simply become a synonymous to social networking is Facebook, followed by its close cousins – Twitter and Instagram. 

While these popular names do make most of the moolah, our research indicates that these are not the only social networks; infact it is difficult to maintain count on the number of social networks that exist currently.

On doing a further research we found out some specialized, weird social networks that exist but only cater to people with specific interests.

9 Weird Social Media Sites That Exist
9 Weird Social Media Sites That Exist

1. REMCloud

Ever thought what your dreams could mean. Yes now you can share your freaky dreams with not just a friend but whole community of users. 
For getting a dream interpreted a user can either share his dream with whole community or choose to open a private chat with his/her connections. 
So if you want to have those meaningful interactions about your dreams, this is the place to be and share your dreams and give your views on other’s dreams as well.

2. Stache Passions

Are you the real man, who feels passionate about his stache and does not want to part ways with it. 
Well, good news here is a 100% free social networking and online dating site specifically for singles with passion for the stache. 
Additionally you can browse other stache groups to find members based on type of stache. You can interact with them get opinion from different users on your moustache and get showered with love, if your style is unique and appealing to the community.

3. Line For Heaven

This network is for all those who want to compete in the virtual race to heaven and get closer to the god.  
A User needs to complete various tasks to earn karma points and move ahead in the line. The Tasks you can undertake are Offer blessings, invite friends, confess sins, support various charities and play religious games.

So join in now if you wish to move ahead in line and increase your karma by doing some good deeds.

4. My Free Implants

The network tagline says it all “Invest in Breasts”. Well this is crowd funding network that let women raise funds for procedure.
 A User basically needs to create a profile listing out her story and the reason. If the community finds the story valid enough, the donations are granted via crowd-funding medium and people also get to keep long-lasting friendships as a token.

5. divorce360.com

This network is for people with failed marriages and going through that after marriage state. It has all the links, shares, groups and advice for each stage of the divorce. 
Most of the times it has been found that people undergoing divorce find it really difficult to share it with even there near & dear ones. 
This is the community which acts as an advisor pad for such people consoling them, providing advice and making them feel a little comfortable. 

6. Ravelry

This is another site which has been gaining popularity and increasing its user by manifolds’, with total user base of above 3 million users now. 
Let me give you a hint – Ravelry deals with photo sharing, just like Instagram does. But the photos are niche-specific.
Anybody interested in knitting, crocheting, spinning or weaving can join the site. A User needs to register for free and can then post photos and submit project ideas and get reviews from the community.

7. Troton.com

A Network for horse lovers. You can post videos, share stories, write down your experiences with the horses. The community has a lot of likeminded horse lovers who share personal and professional experiences with their horses every day.

8. Red Karaoke

Are you a Bath-room singer? Well, here’s some good news. You can now find other like minded song lovers from the red karaoke community and sing along with them on karaoke and showcase your singing skills to the whole community.

9. ASmallworld.com

This is by invitation only network for the super-rich. Members can be invited by someone from within their own circle. The network is only for select few to share travel advice, find super jobs and other related information which never finds it’s way to the classifieds. The network has strict checks to ensure only genuine members are entertained and get to be part of the community and accounts are purged on regular basis. 

I suppose it should be quite hard for you to digest the fact that such social media sites actually exist. Well, even I was astonishingly amazed while compiling the list. So go ahead, and check the websites you like. If you have any queries, do let us know in the comments section below.

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