How to root YU YUphoria [Easy safe Method]

After reffering many guides and  doing a  lot of research on internet, I founded a working and effortless method .I have personally tested this on my friends phone.People who have not rooted yet ,simply get your YUphoria rooted and Enjoy the freedom Of YU Play God.

Note:Please follow the below Guidlines very carefully
How to root YU YUphoria [Easy safe Method]
How to root YU YUphoria [Easy safe Method]

Things to do before going for any further action to root :

  •  Step1: You must have YUphoria Phone.
  • Step2:Now navigate  to Settings.
  • Step 3:Now Scroll down And then go to About Phone option.
  • Step 4: Now in about phone Scroll down and tap build number 5-7 times unless and until you see the option ‘You are now a developer‘.
  • Step 5:Now Go back and now Developer Options will appear in Your settings just Above the About Phone option.
  • Now Tap on it Now you have to turn on the toggle seen at the Top.
  • Step 6: Now You have to Open Developer Options in your Phone YUphoria  and just turn on the option ” Advanced reboot”
  • Step 7: scroll down  You will see the option “turn off Update Cyanogen recovery”
  • Turn it off.
  • Step 8:Now Just go down and turn on the option Android/USB Debugging.

  • Keep a  backup of all your data in the Internal Memory to be safe as your bootloader may or may not be unlocked.
  • Make sure  That you  have at least 35% battery In your phone to avoid Unexpected failures.

  • Download and install PdaNet Drivers to connect your YUphoria to PC in stand-by mode.
  • Download YUphoria Root from this link:YUphoria Root Files-click-here-to-download
  • *Copy in your PC/laptop.
  •  Extract/Unzip the  YUphoria Root Files.
  • Now  Install adb-setup-1.4.2.exe
  •  Now paste the ( file in Your Internal Memory or SD card of your YUphoria Phone.

Always Check the latest version of from the link below  before using it.

-=>Now You have to Download YUphoria CWM recovery if you want to flash  your CWM custom recovery.

Download LINKS:

  1. PdaNet-clickheretodownload(Necessary adb driver)
  2.  YUphoria Root Files-click-here-to-download
  3. YUphoria CWM Recovery-click-here-to-download (This recovery should be pasted in YUphoria Rooting folder for flashing)
  4. Latest
Note: Better use latest TWRP and Copy and paste it into YUphoria Root Files before flashing.

Steps to Root:

  • First Connect your YUphoria with computer/Laptop
  • Now Install PdaNet drivers in your PC/Laptop while connecting YUphoria in standby mode.
  • NOW You have to Press  Power button and now  select and  hold Reboot.
  • You will be  getting  four options in that . Select the one which states Bootloader.
  • Fastboot Mode or bootloader will be now be visible To  ur YUphoria.
  • Now  Navigate to the extracted YUphoria Root Files folder located in your PC and now open YUphoria rooting.
  • Now press The Shift key on your keyboard, right click in that folder in blank area and Open Command Prompt there. The command prompt will now open up.
  • Run the following command in command prompt for confirming that your YUphoria is detected by PC in Fastboot Mode or it has not detected.
fastboot -i 0x2A96 devices
The device should be  detected to proceed further.
Now check whether bootloader is locked or unlocked by running following command in your command prompt:

fastboot -i 0x2A96 oem device-info
If it is unlocked,no need to unlock the  bootloader.
If not true, you have to unlock the bootloader by running the following command:
CODE:fastboot -i 0x2A96 oem unlock

Caution: Keep Backup of your data before going running the above command as unlocking the bootloader will erase all your data.

AND NOW RUN the BELOW COMMAND to flash the custom recovery:
To flash latest TWRP (64-bit)
Type the CODE:fastboot -i 0x2A96 flash recovery TWRP_v2.8,7.0_Yuphoria.img
While flashing TWRP (64-bit) recovery-
Type the CODE:fastboot -i 0x2A96 flash recovery twrp.img
To flash CWM (64-bit) recovery-
CODE:fastboot -i 0x2A96 flash recovery yuphoria-cwm-recovery.img

  • Now After successful successful attempt,Disconnect the data cable from your YUphoria and  press Volume Up+Volume Down+Power button Together.
  • By this YUphoria will booted into recovery mode TWRP which is  flashed by you.
  • Now just Select and Choose zip from /sdcard > 0/ >Select >Yes +Install
  • Go Back and Select The Wipe Cache Partition and then  Yes Wipe.
  • Now It will take about  2-3 minutes to wipe it .
  • Now just Select advanced and select Wipe Dalvik Cache and then Yes Wipe.
  • YEAH NOW ATLAST Select Reboot System Now >THEN Yes – Fix Root
Note : It may take  time to reboot the device  depending upon the apps you have in your phone. So, please Be patient.

Congratulations,Now Your YUphoria phone  is finally rooted.
Final note: For checking that you have successfully rooted your device or not, just download Root Checker app from google  playstore.
Stay Happy and comment if any problem below!!!

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