How To Root xiaomi Redmi1s

Realizing the needs of rooting,I decided to share a tutorial on complete guide of rooting.
There are several advantages in rooting which is unbelievable.

Follow the bellow steps to root your Xiaomi  redmi 1s:

First of all : download the , and save it on your PC.


1) IN YOUR PHONE GO TO  “Settings > Developer options”, and then enable USB debugging mode.

2)  Android battery should  be full charged  or above 80% battery level  to avoid some unnecessary expectations.

3) NOW Connect your phone with  PC by USB cable and paste the
file on your phone  in internal storage – to the folder ‘ComputerHM
1SInternal storage’

4) Once the file is placed properly , YOU have  to disconnect your  phone from PC/laptop safely ,Now  go to the menu then  “Tools > Updates”. There are three  options in the menu  button, and from there choose “Select Update Package” then Choose the zip file, and click  the update  button. Now your  phone will be reboot.


* First Download the file to your laptop/pc
 *Now Connect your phone with  PC via  USB cable and now pace  the
file to your MI’s internal storage – in  ‘ComputerHM
1SInternal storage’ .

NOte:  IF the same file exisist already  with the same name, replace it first, but first 
renaming the older one.

* Now  Disconnect your phone from USB

*NOW again,go  to the  “Tools > Updates”, touch again the 3 striped  button, and  hence choose the option “Reboot to recovery mode”.

* Now you  phone will start  rebooting,Now  enter in the TWRP console. From There, choose the Install option and then  select file. Apply the execute or flash  button.
 Now  it  will install the zip file which you have downloaded.Now  Go to Home, and Reboot it.After rebooting go to the Security icon. Click on Permissions, and  then enable Root Permission.

 * finally  install Super SU{ link is given below of the post}.
Now  Move the toyour  internal storage – in the same folder which i have  mentioned ,now after connecting it with  USB cable.REmove it  safely.
Again Go to “Tools  and then  Updates”, and choose option  the “Reboot to recovery mode”.
After rebooting , go to TWRP, choose Install, pick the SuperSU zip file, and  finally flash or execute it.
Now Go to Home and Reboot the System again.

Finally your Redmi 1s has been success fully rooted.
comment if any problem below,,,,,,

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