Top 10 Killer Tricks and Hacks to Increase Followers, Retweets and Engagements on Twitter

After Facebook,Twitter is one of the top social media used in the world. It has approximately 500 million active users. Today,Twitter has become one of the most powerful tools of online marketing.

Twitter is a platform where anyone can build a strong community. It is all about interacting and engaging with your followers. The goal is to build a good reputation and gain popularity of their brand,person or product.

Today Many people use twitter and the numbers of users are growing day by day.This is because People have realized that this social media can help them to gain popularity instantly which others can’t.
That’s why some people buy twitter followers from certain websites to show others how much they are popular in social media. This ultimately drags the attention of other people’s towards their profile.

Top 10 Killer Tricks and Hacks to Increase Followers,Retweets and Engagements on Twitter
Top 10 Killer Tricks and Hacks to Increase Followers,Retweets and Engagements on Twitter

Top 10 killer Techniques to Increase Twitter Followers,Retweets, and engagements.

1.Make Interesting/Catching Bio

Many people look at your bio to decide whether they should follow you or not. Explain who you are and what you do. Add Clear And Catching bio about you or your company.Don’t forget to add your website link on your profile page.Add a relevant page on your profile so that it will help you to increase your conversion,rather than adding Homepage of your website.

2.Follow Back

Always Follow back people who follow you.When someone follows you,go to their profile and return the follow. It makes your followers feel special.

3.Thank people who follow you.

Try to Engage with People who follows you.Send Direct Message to your new followers.Try to Engage with people when they engage with you.This makes your new followers feel special and they feel like that you care about your followers.Use Automated “Thanks for Following Me” Messages provided by tools like crowdfire and Hootsuite.

4.Use Hashtags in your tweets.

Including Hashtags in your tweets significantly increases engagement. These are words with “#” symbol like “#SEO” and “#backlinks.For example, If you are tweeting about an article related to Blogging,use a hashtag in prefix of “#blogging” word.Don’t Try to include more than two hashtags in your tweet because it will cause a negative effect on engagement. HashTags helps to get more engagements and exposes your brand in front of millions of people searching about that topic.


 Twitter is all about interaction. If you follow people and interact with them, they’ll notice it and appreciate it.This Feature is similar to tagging of facebook.So If you want to mention anyone in your tweet,Use @ symbol before their usernames.


Tweet a lot.Obviously, If you don’t tweet anything,no will be interested in listening.So people may unfollow you.Twitter is a fast medium,the tweets stay visible to your followers for only a few make sure you Tweet at least 25-30 tweets a day.If you don’t have anything to Tweet you can also tweet the same posy twice a day or on different days.But if you don’t have time to do so many tweets then you can also use tools like Tweetdeck or buffer in which you can preschedule your tweets.


Follow lots of people every day on Twitter.There is 80% chance that they will follow back.Find people who have many followers but also they have a huge list of following.Check their Profile and follow such type of peoples unless you hit a limit.But if you do manually it’s too time-consuming.For this purpose, you can use “Twitter mass follow” chrome extension.

8.Post Useful Information and links

Be informative.Post Informative links with Photos,videos,etc.Tweet Popular stuffs like meme’s,pictures,videos or news which are going viral in other social media like Facebook,YouTube,etc. If you have a blog then post links from your blogs with relevant hashtags and Pictures.Don’t post content from your own blog only but also try to post informative articles from other blogs.Nowadays google is displaying tweets in SERP’s,so add relevant Hashtags,keywords and information with the tweet to give a wider web presence. So You will reach more people and drive more traffic.

9.Retweet Others tweet.

This is the best way to engage with people. Retweet other people tweets regularly and the best part is that most of them will return a retweet.Retweets are the easiest way to expose yourself in front of tons of new followers.Retweet interesting articles and even participate in retweet groups that share each other’s content.

10.Try Copromote

Copromote is one of the best tools to get more tweet Reach.It is absolutely free.For the past few days I’m using copromote to increase my twitter reach,I found that not only it exposes your tweet to more audience but also helps to increase your twitter followers.

Copromote allows you to select tweet of your choice from your twitter account to get others retweets.Pick any tweet that complies with their policies which mean no spammy tweets.


Benefits for using
So Far,the tweet which i have boosted on copromote had received retweets.I found that it delivers on its promise to scale social sharing.
In copromote you need to earn reach.For example, If you have 1000 Twitter followers, for instance, and you retweet someone else’s post, you will gain 100 reach points.

Tips To use Copromote.

  1. Boost Amazing content.
  2. Boost Interesting tweets
  3. Follow Some people on Copromote.


Final Words

So these were the killer tips and tricks to increase followers,retweets and engagements on twitter . Did you enjoy this article? What next would you like us to write about? Tell us all in the comments box

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