Record Android Screen Without Rooting Your Device

Before moving to the topic let us discuss that why do we need Screen recording App and why is it so useful? It’s very useful and it depends on user requirements. Many Youtubers record screens for video tutorials Like fixing some errors,bugs in android smart phones,etc or Some record for fun.So Today in this Article I will introduce you about an app called A-Z screen recorder by which you can record your Android screen without Rooting your device.

Record Android Sreen Without Rooting Your Device
Record Android Screen Without Rooting Your Device

As we all know that screen recording works in rooted smartphones,So with this application you can easily record your screen without rooting.The main feature of this application is that it doesn’t requires root permission to record the screen.If you are having a YouTube channel then it is best for you.By using this amazing Application you can record your android screen for reviewing any android game and many other tricks.You can Record your screen with high resolution and many more with showing touches.

Steps To Record Your Android Screen :-

  1. First Download and install A-Z screen recorder from Play Store.
  2. Now Open the application and then click on setting icon
  3. Now Adjust the resolution and all other field as per your requirement and also check/uncheck watermark.
  4. After doing all the settings press the record button and start  recording your Android screen in count of 3
  5. Stop it After Your recording is over.

This application works only in Android devices With Lolipop 5.0 and Above.It will not work in KitKat and below android devices.

Functions Of A-Z screen Recorder:

  1. AZ Screen Recorder does Not require Root access
  2. No time limit
  3. No watermarks you can adjust in settings
  4. Ads free 
  5. Very easy to use to start and stop recording.


As nowadays smartphones have became Essential part of our daily life and they are having lots of importance in our life. After Google’s android market, world have almost 70% Android smartphones Users.So By using The above method you can record your Android screen with the help of A-Z screen recorder without Rooting your Device.

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