Liquid VPN review: Best VPN Service Provider To Browse Internet More Secure and Fast

Liquid VPN review: Best VPN Service Provider To Browse Internet More Secure and Fast

Due to a large number of restrictions and Internet thefts, security problems, scams, and malware, it is quite difficult to browse the internet securely these days. That is the reason why using a VPN is essential.
LiquidVPN offers a safe and secure way of communication which establishes an encrypted route between your device and the Internet. This VPN is specially designed to protect your data to and to keep it safe and inaccessible by any third party attempting to exploit you. So, you can, in short, assume LiquidVPN is an IP cloaking service with advanced encryption and security services to keep your data source anonymous.
There are several features of LiquidVPN which set it apart from many other services of a similar kind. Your standard VPN subscription is designed to cover all the following features to ensure the protection of your data in the network

Liquid VPN review : Best VPN Service Provider To Browse Internet More Secure and Fast

1. 3 types of OpenVPN tunnel topologies

LiquidVPN is providing their users with up to 3 VPN tunnel topologies for better security in the network. LiquidVPN is quite different than its other competitors and supports the topologies like public IP topology, shared IP topology, and modulating IP topology. Hence it is dynamically assigned to public IPs in many locations. It is highly recommended for day to day surfing, downloading and other general activities on the internet.

2. OpenVPN, L2TP, and SSTP

There are many tunnel protocols supported by LiquidVPN such as OpenVPN, L2TP, and SSTP, etc. These use AES encryptions to allow users to go through tougher firewalls. The encryption used by LiquidVPN is AES 256 CBS.

3.LiquidVPN client

There are so many platforms in which LiquidVPN is available right now. It is fully featured and also very easy to learn and understand. So, you can easily connect to any of the VPN servers using SSTP, OpenVPN, and L2TP. The software is easily updated with latest and the newest server list. The availability of a liquid lock creates a security system which is particularly built to suit the needs of the users. LiquidVPN provides software for many desktop and mobile platforms too.

4. No restrictions on P2P usage

LiquidVPN is a unique VPN provider who never limits the users on the data usage factors. So there are simply no speed limits, switching server fees and protocol restrictions. Everyone can use LiquidVPN to run on P2P optimized servers and also access block ports.

5. No log DNS service

All the queries of the users are safe and anonymous. Many competitive VPN providers sell the queries to 3rd party DNS services. Since LiquidVPN has a DNS of its own, it is self-encrypted and combats censorship and content restrictions very effectively. This service is exclusively available for the users of protection against any malicious use of their personal queries

6. Specifically designed and engineered for high performance

LiquidVPN is engineered for extremely high-quality performance and excellent connection speeds. The highest bandwidth users get the highest level of encryption facilities and speed to ensure optimum performance. LiquidVPN ensures that the old servers and hardware which do not provide enough speed are replaced with the fastest VPN connections which are better designed and technically superior with higher standards of encryption levels.

7. Existence of a highly global and interconnected VPN network

There is an ever-expanding number of VPN servers of LiquidVPN spreading throughout many different locations and cities. It is rapidly evolving to keep up with the latest and the best technological trends and advancements. The users using the VPN server to the number of servers ratio is maintained at an optimal rate to provide the users with the best possible speed and connection strengths. Many other VPN providers tend to pack many users into services through 1 server to maximize profits with no or little regard for the user’s network strengths. However, with LiquidVPN you can be assured of having enough bandwidth at all the times.

8. Best customer support

The support team is available all throughout the year during any time of the day to assist the users with any kinds of issues that might be faced by the users. The support is available for remote desktop access including platforms like PC, Mac, iPhone or even Android. The techs are completely capable of assisting you with any problems and restoring normal network operations.

9. Shared VPN IP topology

This kind of shared VPN topology presents the users just one public IP address. This is highly helpful to enhance anonymity and help in advanced levels of security. In the case of shared VPN topologies user are protected from all kinds of malicious software with a specially designed firewall called NAT.

10. Modulating VPN topology

In the case of a regular user when he or she is accessing the internet to load any data in his web browser such as videos, pictures or scripts the IP is changed seamlessly. This kind of chance to modulate the public IP would help in the protection of the user’s data since the data source cannot be accurately determined or misused.
These and many more features of LiquidVPN help in setting it apart from many other competitors available in the market right now. All the servers support Bittorrent and P2P without any kinds of restrictions. Their terms of service are simple, straightforward, and easy to understand. IP modulation technologies, VPN access between shared IP addresses and log free maintenance are some of the key highlights of using LiquidVPN. It is designed to perform better and provides anonymity with good internet security. This is highly reliable, and the VPN connections are built to ensure the best fastest servers.

Excellent support ensures that all the issues arising in case of technical difficulties are promptly looked into and solved for the best possible results. Excellent encryption standards are built to assure protection of users data at the maximum possible level. Top it all off with full transparency and disclosure makes LiquidVPN the one best VPN in the entire world.   

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