Ivacy VPN review : Best VPN Service Provider To Browse WEB More Secure and Fast

With its
inception in 2007, the “not so old” Ivacy
VPN, has made quite a mark in the Cyber Security industry. Within no
time, Ivacy has established itself as a force to be reckoned with in
the Game of VPNs.
Despite of the
strong competition in the existing VPN market, Ivacy has not only
managed to withstand it but actually performed quite well. Credit
where it’s due, the developers and executives announced their
arrival as the first one to introduce Split Tunneling hence giving
themselves a kick start what any rookie would wish for. In addition
to that, they never put a pause to innovation and bringing in new
features for their customers, staying in harmony with what the ever
changing industry has to offer.
So how does IVACY
make match with its counterparts. Read on to find out.


Users have the
options to buy VPN from
the following 3 pricing packages:
In contrast with
the other VPN services, Ivacy has astoundingly cheaper rates.
Although a cheap VPN, but it doesn’t compromise on the quality at
all. As a matter of fact, the features Ivacy offers are if not better
but on par with competitors. A top of that, upon purchase there is a
7 day money back guarantee. So in case you don’t get satisfied by
the service, you can have your money back without any worries.


Talking of
features, here is a comprehensive list of what Ivacy offers:
  • Multiple
  • Unlimited
    data transfer
  • Unlimited
    server switching
  • Split
  • Dedicated
    customer support available 24/7
  • Military
    grade encryption (256-bit)
  • Identity
    theft protection
  • Secure DNS
  • IPv6 leak
  • Multiple
  • Zero logs
  • Public
    Wi-Fi security
  • Smart
    purpose selection
  • Internet
    kill switch
  • DDoS
  • NAT
With all those
features against a very reasonable price, it would be only wise to
say that Ivacy is a top bargain. Another thing worth noticing about
Ivacy is that its diverse list of features appeals not just a
particular group of people, but almost everyone including business
personal as well.

Servers & Torrenting Servers

Ivacy holds a
stunning 200+ servers in 100+ countries, having a vast network and
providing security globally. Getting blocked or facing
geo-restrictions would never be a problem again as you have a variety
of servers to choose from at your disposal. Moreover, all servers are
P2P file sharing optimized, which reassures that you will have an
unparalleled torrenting experience, while having your footsteps
completely covered simultaneously.
Ivacy offers the
following P2P optimized servers to choose from:
  1. Belgium
  2. Brunei
  3. Bulgaria
  4. Canada
  5. Chile
  6. Columbia
  7. Costa Rica
  8. Denmark
  9. Germany
  10. Ghana
  11. Kenya
  12. Latvia
  13. Luxembourg
  14. Netherlands
  15. Pakistan
  16. Panama
  17. Peru
  18. Seychelles
  19. Sweden
  20. Turkey
  21. Venezuela
It can be
concluded that Ivacy has its wings spread across all continents thus
delivering exceptional convenience for torrent downloading. Simply
put, Ivacy guarantees top speed and complete anonymity from
monitoring agencies and cybercriminals.


Starting from the sign up and download. With no such lengthy
formalities and complications, signing up for Ivacy is a piece of
cake. The service provider clearly and explicitly displays
instructions regarding signing up. You can download set ups for
almost every platform, from Android to iOS, Mac VPN to Windows VPN,
Kodi to PlayStation, Ivacy has it all covered.
Upon review we
found out that particularly on Sierra, Ivacy Mac
outperforms other VPN services.
As far as the
speed test is concerned, upon inspection via speedtest.net, the
outcome was quite satisfying. The following results should give an
understanding as to how Ivacy really helps:
without Ivacy
with Ivacy, connected to US with ‘Protocols’ set to ‘Automatic’
with Ivacy, connected to the UK with ‘Protocols’ set to ‘Automatic’
As observed, the
speed tests clearly show a nominal dip in speed, which in turn
attests users to have no fear about a radical drop in download and
upload speeds. Dissimilar to other VPNs, where the shift in speed is
substantial, Ivacy ensures downloading and browsing never become a

Apps Functionality

Ivacy has apps
for all platforms and devices including Mac, Windows, iOS and
Android. It even supports media player and gaming consoles such as
Kodi and Xbox respectively. Furthermore, for platforms that are not
directly supported, Ivacy can be configured manually too, making it
the most versatile VPN service available.
The development
of the apps is not outsourced but rather designed in house, as a
result keeping them optimized. Quality check is held 24/7 and the
apps are timely updated to prevent bugs and errors causing unforeseen
for Android
for iOS
for Mac
for Windows

The Verdict

Taking everything
into account, Ivacy is one stop solution for all your online security
concerns. With its never ending list of premium features, Ivacy tends
to cater all types of internet users.
Now that online
security and cybercrime is on a roll, having a VPN like Ivacy
equipped on your devices has become a must now. Ivacy also satisfies
your buds for entertainment by facilitating in unblocking geo
restricted content and torrenting.

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