Interview with Travel Blogger Ryan Biddulph of bloggingfromparadise

Ryan biddulph,a Famous Travel blogger who blogs at is with us to share his experiences with our readers.He has been featured on sites like Richard Branson’s Virgin Blog, Forbes, NeilPatel.Com, ProBlogger and Bloggingtips.Com.
Read this interview to know about him and his opinions on blogging  and other related stuffs.

Interview with Travel Blogger Ryan Biddulph of bloggingfromparadise
Interview with Travel Blogger Ryan Biddulph of bloggingfromparadise

Welcome to GeeksGyan,Ryan

1.)Please Tell Us About Yourself And Your Educational Background
Ryan Biddulph

I’m a pro blogging island hopper who runs Blogging From Paradise. As for my educational background I received my BS in Meteorology before working in a few different office jobs. I then began my online education by buying my domain and hosting 8 years ago.

2.)What made you start your carrier in Blogging? How long you are into this profession?

I  wanted to free myself, to have fun and to help free my readers. Having that fun, freeing driver kept me going when times got tough.
I’ve blogged for 8 years.

3.) What is your background in the niche you are blogging/Are you a technical person/why did you choose this niche? 

I am a world traveler so I’m able to work travel stories into my blogging niche to complement my brand. 
I was a pro blogger for 6 years before creating Blogging From Paradise in 2014. I called on my experience with building a blogging community, boosting my blogging income and crafting a freeing lifestyle to engineer an authentic brand.
I have zero technical skills but know folks who can help me in this area. If you don’t know tech, either hire tech help or befriend a skilled techie.
I chose the blogging niche (with a travel-themed flavor) because this niche has been my life experience for the past 5 years.
If you’re blogging just tell your genuine story to make the greatest impact on your audience.

4.) What are the various techniques to drive traffic to our website/ blog?
I publish SEO-optimized, long form blog posts weekly to drive targeted, passive traffic to my blog.
I also publish 1 to 3 guest posts weekly to draw in readers from different audiences.
Blog commenting and social media marketing round out my traffic building campaign, with a dash of forum marketing.
I only publish blog posts or guest posts based on solving problems my audience shares with me. 
Driving traffic is pretty darn easy if you give your readers exactly what they want.

5.) which one is better? Blogger or WordPress

WordPress. It’s not even close. 
Own your online real estate. Brand your blog like a champion. Customize your blog with a premium theme and plug ins.
WordPress all the way.

6.) Do you use affiliate marketing to increase your revenue? What is your advice on affiliate marketing? 

I’m not huge on affiliate marketing because I prefer branding myself and Blogging From Paradise versus marketing affiliate ventures.
When I have been an affiliate in the past I made sales by using the product and offering a fair, honest, transparent review of the offering.

7.) What was the biggest challenge you ever faced?

NOT blogging predominantly for money.
I ran into many financial struggles over the years that I perpetuated by trying to make my blog pay the bills.
I have faced, embraced and released this challenge by falling in love with blogging for fun and by blogging primarily to help my readers with their most pressing problems,
Making that energetic shift was uncomfortable at first but now I mostly blog to enjoy my ride and to help my readers, detaching more from money outcomes.

8.)Can you share Some Useful SEO techniques ?

Write 1,500 to 3,000 word blog posts designed to address your reader’s problems.
Craft practical titles based on long tail keywords to drive targeted traffic to your blog.
Use the Yoast plug in to improve post readability and to ensure you’re adding the proper h2 tags, meta descriptions and url to effectively optimize your blog post.
Devote most of your energies to creating a thorough resource. Pay attention to small but important details by using Yoast.

9.) Do You Use Black Hat SEO Tactics In A White Hat Way? Like Scrapebox.

Nope. Whenever you try to game or manipulate a system, karma catches up with you sooner or later.

10.) What Is Your Message For My Reader?

Blog for fun. Blog to help your readers.
Devote most of your energies to following your passion and to giving and you’ll find the getting (increased traffic, bigger list, increased blogging profits) will become easier and easier.

And the last one.
11.)What is your experience with our blog geeksgyan?

I love what you’re doing here at Geeks Gyan Ravi. Keep up the great work.

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