How to Unblock 1337x Torrent?

How to Unblock 1337x Torrent?

As you know, 1337x has played a major
role in breaking the privacy to another level. You can really find a movie in
few hours of its first show on the torrents. This gave a huge impact on many
industries like movie, gaming etc.
Then government of many countries started blocking
the 1337x website. Many countries blocked torrent-based sites to prevent piracy
but in some counties, it is still legal to access it. Not all content on
torrent is pirated, many times you can find some useful non-pirated stuffs.  

So today we will discuss some methods to
use unblock the popular 1337x website.
We are not trying to support piracy. We are
just providing some methods to unblock torrent websites so you can
download some good stuffs from there.
Make sure to always use a VPN while
accessing torrent sites as your ISP can track you browsing history.

How to Unblock 1337x Torrent

We tried several methods to unblock 1337x torrent.
Some methods didn’t work while some of them worked. We have listed all the best
methods to unblock torrent sites from your computer and access it easily. Even
my Internet service provider (ISP) have blocked 1337x website and all torrent related
site due to government’s order but I can still access them using these simple

Using Proxy Sites

This is the easiest and simplest method to
unblock 1337x. Even a newbie can use this method, all you have to do is visit proxy site and enter the URL of site you want to access.
First of all, you have to
Now enter the URL of website
you wish to unblock, In our case it’s 1337x.
Now click on Visit Anonymously
button and you can access the blocked website.
Now you will be able to visit the website
easily. This site is similar to hidemyass proxy. Even this website is using
proxy server to connect to the site with other IP address so your identity is
completely safe. If is blocked in your region then you can find more 1337x proxy
You can not only unblock 1337x, you can
also unblock other torrents sites like Kat or Kickass using this method.

Using Hola Extension

There are millions of internet users using
chrome. Chrome is considered one of the best browsers and one of the main reasons
why it’s loved by people is its extensions. Chrome comes with lots of
extensions. Hola is an extension using which you can easily unblock any website.
Follow the below guide to unlock 1337x on your google chrome browser.
Download and install Hola extension on your browser.
Once Hola is installed turn
on the extension by clicking on the icon.
No again, click the extension
and select any random country where torrent sites are not blocked.
Now you can easily unblock any website.
You have successfully unblocked 1337x websites. Now you can visit your favourite
torrent site without any restrictions.

Using HTTPS in the URL

If the http version of URL is banned by the
government then you can easily bypass it with this method.
Just visit the site and then you will see
the banned notice. Now you just have to edit the URL and make it https in front
of the URL instead of http.
This will sound idiotic to you but this
method really works in some countries. You don’t have to install any software’s
or apps to unblock 1337x. If the https URL is blocked in your country then you
can try visiting the http version.


I hope you are able to unblock your
favourite torrent site. If you still have any issues, suggestions or queries –
feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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