How to protect your blog posts from getting copied

These are the best tips and tricks to prevent your blog from being copied.Every blogger doesn’t wants his article to be copied by anyone’s because everyone wants to provide a best valued content for their readers.There are few copiers on internet who copy articles.Not only they copy,But sometimes those articles copied by them ranks well on Google due to their old domain ageCopying is now became a part of the Internet’s DNA.It is not OK to copy anyone’s article.But here are some few methods  by which we can do some efforts to make it hard for stealer to copy our blog posts. It is not possible to stop content plagiarism by 100%,But still we can put some effort,,

Reasons for copying article’s

1.)No waste of time
2.)No efforts
3.)No watermarks on blogger’s posts


Register your site at DMCA:

DMCA protection is the best way to get bullet proof protection from stealers.Register on and put the code of DMCA protection on your blog/website.If anyone copies your content Google can take down your website.
The Digital Millennium Copyright Act is strict copyright principles for digital content material. No one wants to get a DMCA takedown.Of you are using wordpress,Usethis WordPress plug into place a DMCA badge to your sidebar, in a distinguished function so each person can see it.

Use Image watermark protection:

I think this is the cheap and most effective way to discourage the stealer to copy the article because if they copy the watermarked image on his blog,it display your blogs logo so everybody will come to know that this image is copied.

Use Copyscape Service:

By using copyscape you can easily track the stealers/copycats who copy your content.This is not free service it charges five cents for each search.If you really love your content and don’t want anybody to copy you can go for this,,

Disable Right-Click on blog:

By disabling Right-Click on your blog prevents the stealers to copy/steal your blog posts.
If you are using WordPress, then you can use this plugin wp-copyprotect
Get this at here

Add Copyright footer:

These are  easy way to add to your site. You can place the notice right in your footer. For example:
© 2014


Irrespective of how a lot work you set into defending your work, Scrappers and computer systems will steal it. The web is a copy machine.That’s the character of the beast. Which you could simply accept it, after which take measures to make it less damaging to your blog and your online business.After Google panda updates it’s is highly recommended to protect your contents from getting copied by some number of websites, which may outcome as Google Panda.

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