How To Make An E-commerce website Like Flipkart

Flipkart is Today India’s largest online ecommerce  website. Flipkart was started in 2007 . Recently Flipkart had also acquired an online fashion ecommerce Store Myntra for $300 million.Flipkart generates 5000 crore  revenue every year.Flipkart is  one of the top 100 websites in the world with an alexa rank of 82 globally and in india it positioned at 7.

How To Make An E-commerce website Like Flipkart
How To Make An E-commerce website Like Flipkart

In this post i will talk about how to make a ecommerce website like flipkart.Flipkart is very advanced and it cannot be cloned but a similar website to that can be made with very beautiful design.There are lot of ready made templates available this days which will help in building ecommerce websites.Flipkart has been developed  within years of efforts and would have invested more than $25,00000 till date on their website. So it is always a phase wise approach for any business and they grow eventualy with time by time enhancements and uplift.


1.Domain and Hosting

For a website like Flipkart we need good hosting server because it should have capacity  to handle  load of Users.These servers will be costly.Actually We need VPS hosting or a dedicated one.VPS hosting is Virtual Private Server hosting and is a virtualized server.VPS Hosting is one of several types of web hosting accounts you can choose from to host your website online.The cost of VPS  hosting starts from normally Rs.4000 per month and it may up to Rs. 2,00,000 per month depending upon your website need.Get a Powerful Hosting From Best Hosting Companies like Hostgator,Dreamhost,etc.

2. Design of a Site

 The design of your website matters a lot,because  a website’s theme attract a lot of visitors.Choose a design which is Mobile Friendly. As we know that First impression is the last impression,so choose Theme carefully.If you are hiring any website development company for  designing a eCommerce website for your online store then you must properly check what services they are providing By reading their reviews and how much beneficial they are for increasing the success rate of your store.

3. Knowledge Of Coding and MYSQL Databases

 You must Have Strong Knowledge Of  knowledge of programming languages,MYSQL DATBASES website design & technologies like CMS, eCommerce framework, JavaScript, Security, etc.

4.Choosing a Platform For Running Site

Nowadays,WordPress is also used for creating an ecommerce website.It is a Blogging platform and it offers plenty of services and from there we can also create a eCommerce site.There are plenty of WordPress plugins For creating a website Like Flipkart. You can use Woo Commerce Plugin The Woo Commerce is a widely used WordPress Plugin. Now customize and add items which You want to add  in your site which you want to sell, upload their photos, product descriptions and  everything a user requires.

5.Select a proper Payment Gateway

The most important thing that must be viewed prior launching an e-commerce website.Digital payment methods have become a lot easier to work within the past decade.Choose a proper Payment Gateway which enables to make payments directly from your website and also Facilitates users  to  pay  directly using their credit cards and debit cards.

 Do Following while  Launching  your E-Commerce Website

  1. Before Publishing Test your product
  2. Establish business models.
  3. Don’t try everything at once
  4. Don’t give up Always Try 


  1. Mobile Friendliness : Always choose Responsive Website Theme Which is mobile friendly.
  2. Easy Navigation: Keep it Simple not complex.
  3. Enable Live Chat Option To Users
  4. Improve SEO 
  5. Improve Photography of Your Products
  6. Promote Your store on Social Media
  7. Give  Discounts & Offers that Goes viral.
  8. Set delivery policies that works for your business model
  9. Show Reviews of Customers.
  10. Write Awesome Product description
  11. Create Official Business Facebook Page & Group,Twitter Account,Google+ Page & Group, LinkedIn Page & Group,Instagram Account, YouTube Account, Reddit Account, Pinterest Account, StumbleUpon Account and & Update Your Profile Completely.
  12. Create Videos with Smooth Voice Tone which describes your website Properly and  Upload It On YouTube Account.
  13. Update Your Facebook Page, Google+ Page & LinkedIn Page Status Once Or Twice Within A Day Daily.
  14. Promote on Facebook by campaign
  15. Do ONPAGE SEO And SMM(social media marketting) to attract more customers.
  16. To get traffic on your site you can advertise on Google Adwords.


You can make a ecommerce website like Flipkart easily if you have Knowledge about Programming,Wordpress,MYSQL,etc.Else You Can Hire Web developers which can create For you.

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  1. Hello Ravi,

    Nice article about the build a new website for the eCommerce business purpose. All the tips you mention in the post for build a new website is good and your suggestion is very good for the promoting and get huge traffic in the website, and run a successful business.

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  2. Great Informative post. My sweet wife have an E-commerce website .Nowadays she is trying to make an e-commerce website like flipkart. She is a mad fan of your writing proficiency. She bookmarked this lovely post. Thanks for sharing this helpful article.

  3. Flipkart is very advanced and it can not be cloned but a similar website to that can be made with very beautiful design. Flipkart has been developed within years of efforts and would have invested more than $25,000 till date on their website. Great informative article.

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