Complete Guide On Event Based Blogging To Earn Money – CaseStudy

Hello Friends,Today in this Article I will be revealing some secrets on making good  amount of money with Event Based Blogs.By using this Guide You can Earn Huge amount of money by Creating Event Based Niche Blog.

So,Today, I Am going to reveal some Best ways to earn money more than 1000$ A day, through event based blogging.

Complete Guide On Event Based Blogs To Earn Money - CaseStudy
Complete Guide On Event Based Blogs To Earn Money – CaseStudy

Before starting we must Also know that What is event blogging ?

Basically Event based blogs are the blogs which Focuses on any Trendy upcoming event.
For example: New year,Valentine day,Diwali,EID,Christmas, etc.

It is supposed to be organized according to the most trendy upcoming Things like festivals or any special events.It’s very easy to create and rank a event blog and receive tons of organic visitors during that event.There are many Examples of event blogging such as,,,etc

Steps To Start Event Based Niche Blog 

  1. First Choose a perfect Domain which contains similar keywords related to the Event.
  2. Now Set up your blog on Blogger or WordPress.I think you should choose blogger because it is free to use.
  3. Now Choose a Perfect SEO optimized Template/theme For your event based blog.
  4. Now Start publishing contents related your event based niche blog.Do off page and On-Page SEO.
  5. Start creating backlinks for your event based blog
  6. Now monerize your site And Apply For Adsense,infolinks or any other ads company.

Done! Now start Earning Money From your Event Based Blogs

So Below are Some Techniques To Gain tons of traffic to Event based blog:

1.)Choosing a Domain Name

This is the Most important step To rank Event based blog.Buy and choose domain name related to the event.Be sure that your Domain name must contain the name of the event For which you are Going to create Event based blog.

For example: 
If you are making a blog on Christmas day then your TLD should look like this,
So,Like above you can choose Many Domains names According to your Event blog.

Benefits Of choosing A similar Name related to Upcoming Event:

  1. When someone will search about that event on google,Your blog will come first in searches Only if you have included the exact keywords in your domain.
  2. This Will Drive tons of visitors to your website and you can earn lots of money by putting ads.

So this is one of the best part to make a successful event based blog/site

2.) Content and Post title

If you have exact domain name related to the event,It doesn’t mean that you will be top on Google searches.You have to consider about the content as well as Title of that blog.
Create Quality content with enriched special  keywords Mainly On Title, Permalink, Content and in Alt tag of Images,etc .Try to invovle the year in your post title.Also Don’t Forget to update More Content on you event blog Related to the domain that you have taken.Content creating of such sites is not a difficult job. Like in some posts you Can articles which may include Wallpapers(Related to your event),Statuses for  that event.So you can easily make Collection of Such images from different websites or you can create by yourself.

3.)Link building (Off page SEO)

Use various techniques for link building techniques such as Blackhat techniques or by manually.Try To get Backlinks mainly  from Social Media sites,Directory submissions, Blog Commenting(nofollow/dofollow), Forum Posting, Web 2.0 Sites and From any websites. Event based blogging is boon for those people’s  who want to make money in short duration of time. Find blogs with good page rank and which are capable of driving traffic to your blog.Find auto Approve+dofollow blogs For Event Based niche blog and spam them completely on each and every page of such Blogs. 

There are several tools which you can use for finding Auto Approve +Dofollow blogs like AHrefs and Cognitive SEO.

Submit Your Blog to Web directories.
Read this: 300+ Directory Submission Sites List For BackLink Building

How to Earn Money From Event Blogging?

If your blog started getting good traffic then Monetize your blog by the following advertising companies:
You can Monetize your Event blog in many ways:-

  1. Adsense
  2. chitika
  3. Infolinks
  4. propeller ads
  5. various Adnetworks

Below are some of my Favorite topics To start event based blogging

1.)Event blog Related To Sports Events Like T20Cricket,IPL,ICC world cup,FIFA world cup,etc.
Many People Don’t Get time to watch These sports events on television. So they  search on Google for latest updates Of Cricket scores,Etc.Sports likes IPL, FIFA, Olympics are the best choice to set up a event based blog.

2.)National Days Quotes.
On the occasion of days like Republic Day,Independence day,Etc most of the peoples Search quotes Related to these Days. So These kinds of Things are searched a lot on Google(Specially From India), and thus it may result into heavy traffic to your event based blog easily

3.)National Festival Days wallpapers
Create Event based blogs on Festivals which is popular Over the world. Try to use best keywords in alt tags and description in images. If you follow these above rules perfectly then it will really help you to gain tons of heavy traffic per Day and by monetizing your blog can Earn 1000$ Per day.

For example Happy Holi Wallpapers, Happy Diwali wallpapers, EID mubarak wallpapers,etc

Final words:

So these were Some Golden tips and tricks to create a Successful Event Based blog.Now i am sure that you are able to start a successful event based niche blog and make huge amount of money from it. Most probably Use Blogger Platform rather than WordPress because Blogger platform can help you to rank your posts.Also It’s Free to use.
I tried my best to include all the important points in this guide.Most important thing is that Post quality content, Promote it on social,Do Off Page and On-Page SEO, , Blog Commenting, forum posting and web 2.0 sites start backlinks building and directory submissions

If you have any difficulty then please comment Down below. And If you Find this post helpful then share it with your friends.


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