5 Effective Ways To Get Huge Traffic With Stumbleupon

Hello Friends,Today Blogging has turned into a full time business that you can choose as a carrier to earn money.
After creating a blog,the main problem come in blogger’s mind is “how to Get huge traffic”.So Today in this post I will share some Effective ways to increase Traffic with stumbleupon.
Guys If you want to get a huge amount of traffic, then one of the greatest sources is StumbleUpon.com

5 Effective Ways To Get Huge Traffic With Stumbleupon
5 Effective Ways To Get Huge Traffic With Stumbleupon

So After moving to the topic we must know About stumbleupon?

Stumbleupon is a website which allows you to surf any random sites added by stumblers/users  based on your interests.It has about 12 million users.
 In other words,stumbleupon is a web discovery Engine which finds best Content/articles based on your interests.

As you know that web has grown enormously in recent Couple of years.
There are number of websites in the web with so many interesting topics and information which is practically impossible for anyone to know. So, StumbleUpon provides you such random websites and interesting articles. 

Things to Know Before Getting started with stumble upon.

  • Set up your Profile picture on Stumbleupon.Don’t Get started without a proper profile picture.
  • Make sure that use only one StumbleUpon account. Creating multiple accounts on stumbleupon is against it’s Terms of Service.
  • Make sure You spend some time on stumble upon.
  • At last,Don’t forget to add a StumbleUpon badge or button to your blog/website articles.Adding a badge increase more chance to get your post viral on Stumbleupon.


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Below are The some of the effective ways to Get traffic with stumbleupon.

1.) Add a StumbleUpon Badge to your blog/website

Stumbleupon upon has a share plugin which allows users to add your content to Stumbleupon.With this SU badge,Users can add your website to stumbleupon.

If you want to increase chances of your content to get viral on SU, the best way is to add a StumbleUpon badge to your website/blog articles. You can easily grab the coding of badge for your blog/website from here. You can easily integrate it with Blogger,wordpress, TypePad,etc.
Make sure to make easier for the people to stumble your content,this will increase your chances to get your content stumbled.

2)Become a Stumbler.

You won’t be capable of using stumbleupon efficiently unless  you become a stumbler. If this word is new to you, to “stumble” it simply means to find out internet pages with the aid of clicking the stumbleupon button displayed on bottom bar in Stumble upon App.The more you stumble and vote other’s articles,better results you will see on your articles.

Stumbleupon will supply articles,photographs,etc based on your interest you have chosen while signing up your account. You’ll then get to vote on whether or not you want the ones hints or now not.
Spend Times to Stumbleupon to get increase your chances to get quality traffic to Stumbleupon

As you will be using stumbleupon to promote your personal blog articles in hopes of getting traffic, you must stumble and vote other’s pages which is  similar to your content material.

 This gives your content a chance to emerge as a part of a chain response, in which many stumblers will share it with other top rated stumblers.

3.) Submit Content to stumbleupon Strategically.

After you have joined stumbleupon, don’t just begin submitting all of your content and not anything else.

Don’t Be A spammer:
In 50:50 proportionality,You must also submit Others content material from any other resources than your own to avoid being you like a self-promotional spammer.

The main point of stumbleupon is to accumulate content in its series that adds value to the network. This will keep you in precise standing in line with their terms of service and it will add credibility to you within the network.

This may be very useful in building relationships with the community to share your own content material.

4.)Create Interesting Content/webpages

The most important thing to stumbleupon fulfillment is having a Great content with very clear webpage.You must always Create Content that StumbleUpon Users Like,So  if you don’t grab their attention in  just a second, they will be on the next one.

Below are the topics which you can create to attract visitors to Stumbleupon.

Lists – Many people love lists So create a content that contains a list of Any.
For example:
  1. List of usefull website to visit daily
  2. List of killer websites that every programmers must visit
  3. List of important websites that Everyone must know.
  4. List of bloggers from India 
  5. Best list of apps that everybody must download

Tutorials:Create tutorials of any Interesting Topics,How-to’s,etc.

Movies – unique, informational stimulating videos from youtube or any other video networks.

Infographics – stumbleupon is one of the special networks which loves infographics.

For me, It was “Track Any Mobile Number With Exact Location,Operator And Owner’s Name“. This article got 9K+ stumbles in just 3 Days and it’s still counting.

5)Try Stumbleupon’s paid discovery

Stumbleupon has several advertising plans available in StumbleUpon’s Paid Discovery.Sometimes you are not satisfied Or maybe you certainly don’t have the time to watch for natural discovery.

Basically, you pay to get your links featured to stumbleupon individuals. The higher the engagement you need along with your target audience, the more price you need pay to Stumbleupon.

The satisfactory thing comes with paid discovery is that it sends visitors directly in your website, whereas with social networks like facebook advertising, you buy a small advert and wish that people will see it.
If your webpage doesn’t violate any terms and conditions of Stumbleupon then you can pick any of three plans provided by them.


Stumbleupon is a great social tool for Bloggers/Developers for driving huge quality traffic to Blog/website.The main thing is that you need to spend more time with Stumbleupon by stumbling,liking others Contents,Following people’s,Etc.It is not a one day process you need to have patience to achieve much success in Stumbleupon.

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