11 Cool High Tech Gadgets You Might Know Of

11 Cool High Tech Gadgets You Might Know Of
11 Cool High Tech Gadgets You Might Know Of

We all love gadgets. They are not only used to simplify our life but has become a part of our life. The world has changed a lot in the past years if we talk about gadgets. From B/W Keypad Phones to 4K Touch Screen Smartphone the change has a massive effect on our life.
Let us check out 11 Cool High Tech Gadgets Which will  Amaze you –

1.Transparent TV-

You might have heard of LED TV’s, LCD one’s or OLED one’s but you might not have heard of the transparent television. It has been designed by Michael Friebe. The TV was made possible by combining the conventional LCD and the latest TOLED display technology.
It allows creating non-transparent / solid moving images with colour reproduction and contrast range from solid black to pristine white.

2.Floor Plan Light switch

Have you ever faced a situation where you are confused in determining which switch is for which light?If yes then thanks to Taewon Hwang your problem is solved.
Taewon Hwang created a Master Switch, which shows you what lights you are turning on or off. We hope it to be soon implemented in the future years.

3.The Aura Lamp

You might have seen different kinds of lamps, but I  can bet not this one. This looks almost like an alien.Made in France, it lights up a room with a particular type of texture.
The feature that differentiates with other lamps is because it has been woven. And to top it all, it is hand made. I wish I could keep it in my home.

4.The Rima Lamp

From one lamp to another. Meet Rima Lamp, which will blow your mind away. This beautiful lamp was created by Matthias Pinkert.
The predominant feature of this lamp differentiates it from other lamps. Four slidable controller rings control it. The lamp contains a processor. It helps it to control the heat, intensity, angle of the beam and colour.

5.Sony Eclipse

Sony is a well-renowned brand for mainly their cameras and smartphones. This Sony Eclipse concept created by Hoang M Nguyen and Anh Nguyen. Sony Eclipse is a media player which contain photo voltaic cells at the back.
The photo voltaic cells help it to charge via solar energy. This helps it to be always charged so you can stop worrying about battery issues.

6.3D Printing Pen

You might have heard about 3D Printers, but many don’t know about 3D Printing Pen.These pens look like normal but can be used for 3D Printing Pen. Instead of refills the Pens use filaments to help it in 3D Printing. The Pens need to power to melt the plastic so you can use to 3D Objects.
The cost of these 3D Printing Pens varies from few 100 dollars to 1000’s of dollars. Some are wired while others are wireless. Most of them are dangerous for children unlike few like Creopop 3D Printing Pen are 100% safe for children. One need not be a pro to use these kinds of Pen. Applications of these pens are countless.

7.Door Handle With Self-sterilization System

You might have seen many Door Handles but not this one. This Door Handle comes with self-sterilization System.
This technology was implemented is protect people from contagious diseases. The handle contains UV lamp. When the handle is not in use the lamp continuously sterilises the handle to keep it clean.

8.Senzo Nightlight

The most annoying thing at night is when you can find the light switch in the middle of the night. The problem was solved by Soledad Clavell and Marcos Madia.  This beautiful night light that lights up the room when touching it.

9.Eco Cleaner

What if I told you that your dishes could be cleaned without using detergents. Meet Eco Cleaner, a cleaner that will clean your dishes using ultrasonic waves to ionise food particles on the dishes. It also converts the Food waste into usable compost for your plants.
This gadget has the potential to change the future of dish cleaning.

10.Green Smart Glass

This is a refrigerated and an insulated mug which is powered by absorbing the heat radiated by water/bevarage itself. Gnerally we don’t drink water or beverage until it cools down. The cup absorbs this energy and converts into electricity by using thermoelectrical semi conductor material on the inner wall. This energy so stored will help your hot bevarge hot and cold beverage cool.
This way we can use the energy in a better way rather wasting.

11.iQ Alarm clock

You might have used many Alarm Clocks all along your life. But the iQ Alarm Clock is a little different. Rather than having the traditional Snooze button it asks you a question which you need to answer to snooze it off. This ensures that you wake up quickly in the morning.
Hope you liked all the gadgets I mentioned. I would love to know your responses below in the comment section.

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  1. Nice article and a very helpful too. I got the article as usual from this website and the result was same. I got all the information what I want. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  2. These are just Wow! Great inventions. Hope we can access these gadgets easily in the near future. Loved the Door Handle With Self-sterilization System, media player with photo voltaic cells and the Alarm.

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